Fiber-coupled Lasers series 51nano-N

Low coherence laser source with single-mode fiber cable (OEM version)

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Laser Diode Beam Sources of type 51nano-N have reduced power noise, reduced coherence length and a lowered speckle contrast.
  • OEM version without key switch nor interlock and not conforming to EN 60825-1
  • Reduced power noise: typ. < 0.15 % of Po (RMS, Bandwidth < 1 MHz)
  • Reduced coherence length: Coherence length ≈ 300 µm
  • Reduced speckle contrast
  • Various wavelengths from 375 nm to 1550 nm
  • Laser output power up to 30 mW
  • Single-mode fiber cable
  • FC APC connector (8°-polish), optional DIN AVIO or E-2000, end caps for wavelengths < 635 nm
  • Modulation analog and TTL
  • Beam profile is rotationally symmetric with Gaussian intensity distribution
Alternative: Laser Diode Beam Source 51nano-S (with key switch and interlock) or with polarization maintaining fiber cable

  • Low noise, low coherence laser module (typ. < 0.15 % of Po (RMS, Bandwidth < 1 MHz))
  • OEM Version


The fiber-coupled Laser Diode Beam Sources of type 51nano-N (OEM version) have reduced power noise (typ. < 0.15 % of Po (RMS, Bandwidth < 1 MHz)), reduced coherence length (≈ 300 µm) and a lowered speckle contrast.

Electrical features
The output power is adjustable using a potentiometer (with protective cap) or using the two modulation inputs for analog and TTL. The electrical cable is 1.5 m long. There are two possible supply voltages 5 V or 12 V. Other electrical cables and connectors on request.

More details on electronics type: HPH.

Fiber cable
The source is fiber-coupled to a single-mode fiber cable. As a result the beam profile is rotationally symmetric with Gaussian intensity distribution. The fiber cable is equipped with an FC APC connector (8°-polish). Fiber connectors with end caps are used for wavelengths < 635 nm. The fiber cables have strain-relief and protective sleeving (Ø 3 mm). Standard cable length is 150 cm.

Fiber Options:

  • Single-mode fibers with core-centered connector of type FC
  • Other connector types including DIN, AVIO, ST or E2000 
  • Other fiber lengths
  • Incorporated vacuum feed-through

Laser safety
This OEM version has no key switch or interlock and is not conform to EN 60825-1.
It can be operated conform to EN 60825-1 by using a switchbox.
As an alternative, a version with key switch and with interlock (conform to EN 60825-1) is available
as type 51nano-S

Technical data

Fiber-coupled Lasers series 51nano-N

51nano-N (single-mode)
405 nm - 1550 nm
Power noise
typ. < 0.15 % of Po (RMS, BW < 1 MHz)
Coherence length
≈ 300 µm
Fiber cable
Fiber cable length
1.5 m (standard)
Fiber connector type
FC APC (standard)
Supply voltage
5 V or 12 V
Electr. cable length
1.5 m (standard)
Connector type (5V)
Lumberg SV30 IEC 61076-2-106
Connector type (12V)
Lumberg SV40 IEC 61076-2-106
Cable type
shielded 4 x 0.14 mm2
analog and TTL
Operating temperature
15 - 35°C ± 0.5°C
50 x 58 x 166 mm
530 g

Dimensions (for a complete dimensional drawing please refer to the downloads section)

Low coherence fiber coupled laser 51nano-N

Order Options

Order CodeWavelengthTyp.Output Power PoSupply VoltageFiber TypeConnector End capElectronics TypeLaser Class
51nano-N-375-10-X23-P-12-4-18-0-150375 nm10 mW12 VSingle-mode FC APCxHP3B
51nano-N-405-1-Y07-P-12-4-18-0-150405 nm0.9 mW12 VSingle-mode FC APCxHP2
51nano-N-405-14-M29-P-12-4-18-0-150405 nm14 mW12 VSingle-mode FC APCxHP3B
51nano-N-445-17-G02-P-12-4-18-0-150445 nm17 mW12 VSingle-mode FC APC xHP3B
51nano-N-520-7-O11-P-12-4-18-0-150520 nm  7 mW12 VSingle-mode FC APC HP3B
51nano-N-635-1-H10-P-5-2-18-0-150635 nm0.9 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H2
51nano-N-640-17-H21-P-5-2-18-0-150640 nm17 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-660-1-M01-P-5-2-18-0-150660 nm0.9 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H2
51nano-N-660-28-H26-P-5-2-18-0-150660 nm28 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-785-12-Q06-P-5-2-18-0-150785 nm12 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-808-19-G15-P-5-2-18-0-150808 nm19 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-830-11-H19-P-5-2-18-0-150830 nm11 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-850-18-G17-P-5-2-18-0-150850 nm18 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-905-18-Q13-P-5-2-18-0-150905 nm18 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-940-15-C07-P-5-2-18-0-150940 nm15 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-980-2.3-TH4-P-5-2-18-0-150980 nm2.3 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3R
51nano-N-1064-10-Q05-P-5-2-18-0-1501064 nm10 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H3B
51nano-N-1310-2.5-M14-P-5-2-18-0-1501310 nm2.5 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H1
51nano-N-1550-4.5-Q04-P-5-2-18-0-1501550 nm4.5 mW  5 VSingle-mode FC APC H1
Other types e.g. with different wavelengths are available.                
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Power Supply 12 V
Power Supply 5 V
Interlock connector