Laser Diode Collimator series 55CM/55CR

Collimator with elliptical Gaussian beam profile

Laser Diode Collimator 55CM
Laser Diode Collimator 55CM with tools


Collimator with elliptical Gaussian beam profile
  • Collimated beam diameters (truncated below the 13.5%-level) max. 10.7 mm
  • Wavelengths 405 - 830 nm
  • Laser powers up to 109 mW
  • Angled version: 55CR


Laser diode collimators transform the divergent light of a laser ­diode into a collimated beam, while maintaining the Gaussian ­intensity distribution and the elliptical intensity profile.
The laser has integrated electronics for control of the laser output power. The output power can be controlled using the modulation input ports (TTL and analog) or manually using the potentiometer. Optionally the lasers can be equipped with RS232 serial interface for laser control and data read-out.

The collimation can be adjusted by using an eccentric key. Please note that this affects beam parameters like collimated beam diameter and beam divergence.