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Laser Line length and working distance

Laser Line length

Dimensional Drawing for 13LNM
Dimensional Drawing for 13LNM

Line length definition

The line length L given in the technical data of each laser is the line length at the laser's default working distance A. For some lasers the working distance can be adjusted. The line length increases with increasing working distance.

In most cases the laser has still some intensity at the end of the laser line. This is the so-called edge intensity and can vary from 80% to less than almost zero. Just because a line is given a certain length does not mean that it does not emit laser light beyond that!

An easy calculation of the laser line width B and the laser line length L for another working distance A can only be done for lasers of type 13LR. For any other laser instead of adjusting the working distance, please fine-adjust the distance between laser and target by adjusting the laser position.

Working distance definiton

As depicted above, the working distance is the distance between the front of the laser to the focus of the laser line/spot. It is usually given in mm.