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Low Noise Laser Focus with a circular beam profile

Machine Vision Laser Focus Series LNC-13MC/LNC-13MMC and LNC-13MM

Low Noise Machine Vision Laser Focus series LNC-13MC+96CM
Low Noise Machine Vision Laser Focus series LNC-13MMC+96CM
Low Noise Machine Vision Laser Focus series LNC-13MM+56CM
Low Noise Machine Vision Laser Focus series LNC-13MC+96CR
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Low noise machine vision laser focus with approx. circular Gaussian beam profile. This includes lasers of series LNC-13MC/LNC-13MMC and LNC-13MM. The series are available as Micro (smaller line widths) or Macro version (extended depth of focus).
  • Spot with circular beam profile
  • Low noise Laser Module (typ. < 0.15 % of Po (RMS, Bandwidth < 1 MHz))
  • Laser Focus Generator series LNC13MC/LNC-13MMC
    • Rotationally symmetric, Gaussian beam profile
  • Laser Focus Generator series LNC-13MM
    • Circular beam profile
    • Extended depth of focus
  • Standard Version: 

  • Micro Line Generator for small laser line widths and high power density in the focal plane
  • Macro Line Generator for extended depth of focus


The laser diode beam sources series LNC-13MC/LNC-13MMC, and LNC-13MM produce a circular laser spot. They have different intensity distributions/beam profiles.

LNC-13MC vs. LNC-13MM
The laser diode beam source series LNC-13MC produces a rotationally symmetric, circular laser spot with Gaussian intensity distribution. The corresponding series LNC-13MMC produces a rotationally symmetric laser spot with extended depth of focus. The beam profile is rotationally symmetric and approx. Gaussian.

The laser diode beam source series LNC-13MM produces a circular laser spot with extended depth of focus. More precisely it has an elliptical intensity distribution clipped by a circular aperture.The beam profile is approx. Gaussian

Micro and Macro lasers
The lasers of series LNC-13MC are Laser Micro Focus Generators designed to produce spots with small spot size. They have a small depth of focus (in this case the depth of focus is the Rayleigh range). Laser Macro Focus Generators like the corresponding lasers of series LNC-13MMC have common basic optical features but are designed to generate laser spots with an extended depth of focus.The lasers of series LNC-13MM are also Macro Focus Generators with extended depth of focus.

Low noise
The lasers are low noise (typ. < 0.15 % of Po* (RMS, Bandwidth < 1 MHz)) and operate mode-hopping free. Due to the reduced coherence length the speckle contrast is lowered. However this effect is smaller for smaller spots. (* Po is the maximum specified output power.)

The laser has integrated electronics for control of the laser output power. The output power can be controlled using the modulation input ports (TTL and analog) or manually using the potentiometer. 

Adjusting the working distance
For lasers of series LNC-13MC/LNC-13MMC, and LNC-13MM the working distance can be adjusted by adjusting the focus setting. Please note that the spot diameter increases proportionally to the working distance. A fine-adjustment of the distance between laser and target is recommended for fine-focusing in order to achieve minimal spot size.

Optional: Low Noise Version
The laser series LNC-13MC/LNC-13MMC and LNC-13MM is also available as a standard version 13MC (Micro), 13MMC (Macro) and 13MM (Macro). Please note that these differ in electronics type, but are also available with RS232 interface.

These high quality lasers can e.g. be used for machine vision applications.