Micro Focus Optics series 25M

for transforming a collimated beam into a micro focus spot

Micro Focus 25M
Micro Focus 25M
Micro Focus 25M
Micro Focus 25M


Micro focus optics used for focussing the collimated radiation of a fiber collimator.
  • Attachment optics for fiber collimators type 60FC-L or 60FC-T with outer diameter Ø 32 mm
  • Choice of achromats or singlet lenses
  • Various optics for UV - IR
  • Amagnetic housing made from Titanium on request


Micro Focus Optics are used in order to generate small laser spots from the collimated radiation of a fiber collimator.
For spots < 10 times the mode field MFD of the fiber, a good quality spot can no longer be achieved by simply refocusing the collimation optics. Instead, a combination of collimation and focusing optics is needed. The size of the spot and its Rayleigh range is determinded by the fiber properties and by the focal lengths of the fiber collimator and of the micro focus optics. For single-mode fibers the Gaussian intensity distribution and beam shape are maintained.
For the fiber collimators series 60FC-L or 60FC-T with an outer diameter Ø 32 mm Schäfter+Kirchhoff offer Micro Focus Optics with focal lengths in the range f' 35 mm - 500 mm.
There is a large variety of duplet or singlet optics with AR coatings from the UV to the IR wavelengths range.

In order to change the working distance of the Micro Focus Optics the lens position of the adjacent collimator has to be readjusted.

Housing material:
As standard the housing of the Micro Focus Optics is made of nickel silver.
For amagnetic fiber collimators Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers Micro Focus Optics with housings made of titanium.

Order Options

Wavelength Range  AR CoatingCorrection Focal Length                    
   35 mm50 mm75 mm100 mm150 mm200 mm300 mm500 mm
420 -   700 nm     26 Achromaticxxxxxxx 
750 - 1550 nm    37 Achromaticxxxxxx 
420 -   700 nm     26 -       x
750 - 1550 nm    37 -      xx