51nano Accessories

Power supplies, connectors and switchboxes

Switchbox SBN040401


Accessories for fiber-coupled laser sources series 51nano


Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers different accessories for the fiber-coupled laser sources series 51nano, including appropriate power supplies. If you want to use your own power supply or you want to use the modulation input ports, we offer appropriate connectors.
With a switchbox, you can operate the OEM version of the laser source conform to the laser safety regulations EN 60825-1.

Order Options

SeriesVoltagePower SupplyConnector for Power SupplyQuick-Start ConnectorConnector for ModulationSwitchboxFiber Cleaning Tool
51nano-S5 VPS051003EBC0109FBC0106F-iLCKBC0106F  -FCCT01
51nano-S12 VPS120516EBC0104FBC0106F-iLCKBC0106F  -FCCT01
51nano-N5 VPS051003EBC0109F  -BC0109FSBN050501FCCT01
51nano-N12 V PS120516EBC0104F  -BC0104FSBN040402FCCT01