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Robot-guided Line Scan Camera

Flexible scanning of curved surfaces


  • Corrosion evaluations on car rims or wheel segments, as well as on corrosion test plates.
  • Partial scanning of installed parts on cars, e.g. wheels, doors, bumpers, etc.
  • Imaging and optical quality control of any kind of coatings.
  • Collaborative robot meets safety requirements ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066 for human-robot interaction


A sensor head consisting of a high-resolution line scan camera (monochrome or color) with integrated line illumination is mounted on a robot arm. The robot arm executes a scanning movement on a programmed path over the surface. The path programming is easy possible by manually setting of few way points. At the beginning of the movement, the control unit of the robot arm sends a trigger signal to the camera. The camera starts the image data transfer to the computer with an adjustable delay. During the movement, the line signals are assembled one by one into a 2D image in the computer's RAM. At the end of the movement, the computer displays the image on the monitor. The image processing and evaluation can be applied to the entire image after the scan is finished, or frame-by-frame already during the scanning process.

Technical data

Robot-guided Line Scan Camera

Sensor Head
Line Sensor
3 x 4080 (RGB) pixels
8160 pixels
Field Of View
90 mm
22 µm / pixel, 1151 dpi
11 µm / pixel, 2388 dpi
White Balance / Shading Correction, LUT
Integrated coaxial LED line light
Robot arm
Scan length
max. 500 mm
Scanning velocity
100 mm/s

Order Options

Order CodeColorPixelsResolutionIllumination
SK-LASM-C-90-22-R010x3 x 4080 Pixels (RGB)22 µm / pixel, 1151 dpiWhite, 5000 K
SK-LASM-M-90-11-R010-8160 pixels11 µm / pixel, 2388 dpiRed, 640 nm


Program to control the image aqcuisition with robot arm