Spectral sensitivity

Spectral sensitivity

The spectral sensitivity of the line scan camera must be chosen in a way that it is suitable for the wavelengths of the light source used and the optical properties of the measured object.

Cameras used for laser-based measurement systems have different spectral sensitivities than a color scanning system.

Because of these spectral sensitivity characteristics, a color line scan camera of the KOC series requires a UV/IR blocking filter when used in daylight.

Camera series ..SD, ..TO

Camera series ..SD, ..TO with typical spectral sensitivity of silicon.

Camera series ..JR

Camera series ..JR with increased blue-green sensitivity.

Camera series ..HA, ..HU, ..HV, ..HW

CMOS sensors with enhanced spectral sensitivity and with rectangular pixels, especially suitable for spectrocopic applications.

Color cameras series ...KOC

For a color sensor with RGB sensitivity, the spec tral detection can be confined to only the visible range of 400 –700 nm by using a UV/IR blocking filte