Laser Modules Series 5LTM-1+25CM

Semi-telecentric Compact Laser Macro Line Generator

Laser Diode Beam Source series 5LTM
Laser Diode Beam Source series 5LTM with tools


Semi-telecentric compact laser line with constant line length in the range of 4.8 mm and extended depth of focus.
  • Depth of focus 7 to 35 times larger than for corresponding Micro Laser Line Generator
  • Line length in the range of 4.8 mm
  • Line widths starting at 48 µm
  • Wavelengths 405 - 852 nm
  • Laser powers up to 45 mW

  • Macro Line Generator for extended depth of focus


The laser diode beam sources series 5LTM-1+25CM produce a semi-telecentric laser line with a line length in the range of 4.8 mm. For most laser diodes the intensity profile is Gaussian in line direction clipped by an aperture at line length 4.8 mm with an edge intensity of typ. <40%. In some cases the line length is slightly smaller. In this case the line length is given on the 13.5%-level. The beam is Gaussian in line direction and truncated at 4.8 mm. The line width is constant along the laser line. Across the laser line the intensity distribution is approx. Gaussian. 

The lasers of series 5LTM-1 are Laser Macro Line Generators designed to generate laser lines with an extended depth of focus. Laser Micro Line Generators like the corresponding lasers of series 5LT-1 have common basic optical features, but are designed to produce lines with small line width. They have a small depth of focus.

The laser has integrated electronics for control of the laser output power. The output power can be controlled using modulation input ports (TTL and analog, in case of electronics type B TTL only) or manually using the potentiometer.

For this laser type the working distance is fixed. A fine-adjustment of the distance between laser and target is recommended for fine-focusing in order to achieve minimal line width.