Vacuum Feed-Throughs V-KF40

with three-fold fiber cable


Vacuum flange type KF40 with three integrated fiber cables
  • Based on small flange KF40 (stainless steel)
  • Suitable for vacuums down to 10-7 mbar
  • Three integrated fiber cables PMC, SMC or MMC
  • Different connector types
  • Multi-mode fiber
Single-mode fiberPM fiberMulti-mode fiber


The three-fold vacuum feed-throughs made by Schäfter+Kirchhoff are equipped with three identical or three different fiber cables. The fibers can be polarization-maintaining, single-mode or multimode fibers. The triple vacuum feed-throughs are suitable for vacuums down to 10-7 mbar and are supplied with a small flange KF40 (DIN 28403 and ISO 2861, stainless steel). Maximum temperature range is -10 °C - 70 °C.

End-to-end fiber cable
All vacuum feed-throughs are supplied with non-exchangable, continous, end-to-end fiber cables. That means there is no additional fiber connection (mating) at the vacuum flange.


Fiber cable
On the vacuum side, the fiber cables are equipped with Ø 900 μm buffer made of Hytrel, Nylon or Tefzel. The parts of the fiber cables outside the vacuum, have a Ø 3 mm cable with Kevlar strain-relief with bend protection both at the fiber connector and the flange.

Polarization-maintaining fiber cables and single-mode fiber cables can be equipped with end caps for reducing the power density at the fiber end-faces.
For single-mode fiber cables, the connector away from the vacuum can be core-aligned as an option.
As an option the connector can be made of amagnetic Titanium (all fiber types, but connector type FC only).

Please refer to the individual PMC fiber cable pages, SMC fiber cable pages, and MMC fiber cable pages for all fiber options. The connector types are described in detail here

How to order
For a specific feed-through please contact Schäfter+Kirchhoff. We additionally need information on:

  • Fiber types
  • Cable lengths inside / outside the vacuum
  • Connector types inside / outside the vacuum

The feed-through can be equipped either with three identical or three different fiber cables.
An example configuration can be found here.