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Fiber Connector Options

Fiber Connector Options

Single-mode fiber cables  and fiber couplers made by Schäfter+Kirchhoff are equipped with fiber connectors of type FC APC or FC PC. Optionally, they can be provided with fiber connectors of type ST, AVIM (compatible with LSA), F-SMA, E2000 or with different types of fiber connector at each end. An overview is provided in the table.

Receptacle type FC (FC PC and FC APC)

Fiber connectors of type FC assembled by Schäfter+Kirchhoff - as standard - have an alignment index (key) of 2.14 mm width (wide key, type "N", standard). 

All fiber couplers including e.g. the 60SMS or 60FC of type FC also have wide key receptacles, which makes them compatible with both wide key and narrow key fiber connectors.

Fibers can optionally be equipped with an alignment key of 2 mm (narrow key, type “R“).

Compatability of connectors type FC with wide key and narrow key

Fibers with narrow key connector can be used with couplers and collimators with wide key receptacle with no problem. You need to simply adhere to the "right-hand orientation rule".

Generally, with any FC PC or FC APC type connector there is a freeplay when inserting the fiber into the fiber coupler. The free play in between the connector ferrule and receptacle is only a few microns, but necessary for inserting the ferrule without force. There is a difference between the receptable and key width for wide key (2.14 mm) and narrow key (2.0 mm) fibers. If you follow the so-called "right-hand orientation rule" you can reproducibly attach and reattach even PM fibers with narrow key receptacle to fiber couplers with wide key receptacle without difficulty.
Connector TypeSM fiberPM fiberMM fiberPC / APCopt.
opt. end capscoupling typeRemarks
(wide key, "N)
xxxx/xxxScrewStandard, compatible with all couplers type FC
(narrow key, "R")
xxxx/xxxScrewcompatible with all couplers type FC
AVIMxxxx/x  Screwcomp. with LSA
LSA (DIN)xxxx/x  Screwcomp. with DIN, AVIO and AVIM
F-SMAx xx/x  Screwe.g.SMA-905 high power connector
E2000xxxx/x  Snap 

End caps and amagnetic connectors

If necessary, fiber connectors of type FC can be equipped with end caps to reduce the power density at the fiber end-face or with amagnetic connectors made from Titanium.

Polish Orientation (standard)

Orientation of the 8°- polish and index key for fiber connectors of type FC-APC

Option: Customized polish orientation

Optional customized orientation (FCP8)