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Fiber Connector Options

Fiber Connector Options

Single-mode fiber cables made by Schäfter+Kirchhoff are equipped with fiber connectors of type FC APC or FC PC. Optionally, they can be provided with fiber connectors of type ST, AVIM (compatible with LSA), F-SMA, E2000 or with different types of fiber connector at each end. An overview is provided in the table.

All of the fiber connectors of type FC assembled by Schäfter+Kirchhoff have an alignment index (key) of 2.14 mm width (wide key, type "N", standard) or optionally of 2 mm (narrow key, type “R“).

Connector TypeSM fiberPM fiberMM fiberPC / APCopt. amagn. connectorsopt. end capscoupling typeRemarks
STx xx/-  Bayonet 
AVIMxxxx/x  Screwcomp. with LSA
F-SMAx xx/x  Screwe.g.SMA-905 high power connector
E2000xxxx/x  Snap 

End caps and amagnetic connectors

If necessary, fiber connectors of type FC can be equipped with end caps to reduce the power density at the fiber end-face or with amagnetic connectors made from Titanium.

Polish Orientation (standard)

Orientation of the 8°- polish and index key for fiber connectors of type FC-APC

Option: Customized polish orientation

Optional customized orientation (FCP8)