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Fiber Coupler for SMA-905 High Power Connectors



High precision fiber coupler optimized for high pointing stability and long-term stability specially designed for SMA-905 high power connectors with 0°, 5° or 8°-polish. Efficient coupling of collimated laser radiation into single-mode and PM fiber cables including PCF fibers.
  • Focal length 18.4 mm
  • Optics type: Asphere, Monochromatic
  • AR-Coating: 1050 - 1550 nm
  • Compatible with high power SMA-905 connector
  • Integrated TILT adjustment to prevent aberrations from vignetting or clipping
  • Front connector accepts attachment optics


The fiber coupler series 60FC-SMA is designed for coupling into SMA-905 high power connectorized single-mode and polarization-maintaining fiber cables including PCF fibers cables. It can also be used to collimate radiation exiting such fiber cables. Please note that the collimated beam profile strongly depends on fiber properties and is not Gaussian for PCF fibers.
The features of the coupler type 60FC-SMA include:

The asphere with focal length 18.4 mm is designed for single wavelength applications and are corrected for spherical aberration. It is AR-coated from1050 - 1550 nm. The focus position varies strongly with wavelength so that the coupler has to be refocussed after any changes to the wavelength. This lens type is suitable for UHV applications.

Adjustment of focus and TILT
The distance between fiber end-face and collimating optics is adjusted by means of an eccentric key. The lens does not rotate when adjusting the focus. The final focus setting is locked by means of two radially arranged clamping screws. Additionally attachment optics of series 60FC-SMA can be mounted to the front of the collimator. Additionally, the collimator has an integrated TILT adjustment. Unlike common FC-type connectors, the SMA-905 High Power Connector does not have a spring-loaded ferrule. With varying ferrule length, the point of emission not only shifts axially, but also laterally with respect to the optical axis in the case of an inclined polish (5° and 8° -polish). By using the TILT adjustment, the point of emission can be adjusted onto the mechanical axis of the fiber coupler. When collimating a laser beam, the integrated TILT adjustment for the fiber coupler 60FC-SMA-T prevents vignetting or diffraction arising from a clipped beam. When coupling into a fiber, high efficiencies can only be reached when the tilt is adjusted properly.

Optimum lens performance
The angled polish of connectors of type SMA-905 with 5° or 8° is considered by a pre-angled mechanical coupling axis that compensates the beam deflection and you can use the lens centrically. This minimizes aberrations simply resulting from a non-ideal beam path through the lens.

Connector Type
The fiber collimator is equipped with a F-SMA type receptacle. Unlike the fiber collimators for FC-PC or FC-APC connectors (60SMS or 60FC-T) the fiber connectors of type high power SMA 905 do not have an index key for alignment of the polarization axis of the fiber cable. A groove in the collimator helps with the manual axis alignment.

The fiber collimator type 60FC-SMA is made from nickel silver/aluminium (standard)

The collimator can be placed into a standard mirror mount

Technical data


Order Code
Focal length
18.4 mm
AR coating
Wavelength range
1050 - 1550 nm
Lens type
Numerical aperture
Clear aperture
5.5 mm
Connector type
F-SMA 8°
Outer diameter
Ø 25 mm
39.8 mm
Tilt adjustment
Front fitting
Ø 19.5 mm
Housing material
Nickel silver/Aluminium
64 g
UHV compatible
Suitable for multimode
For coupling only. Not suitable for collimation.
Dimensions (for a complete dimensional drawing please refer to the downloads section)


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Eccentric key with a stroke of ± 1.5 mm.
Hex key WS 1.5
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