CameraLink Line Scan Cameras

Camera Link interface

Camera casing Camera Link C-Mount
Camera casing Camera Link C-Mount
Camera casing Camera Link M40x075
Camera casing Camera Link M45x075
Camera casing Camera Link M45x075, vers. L
Camera casing Camera Link M72x0.75, vers. C
Camera casing Camera Link M72x0.75, vers. E
Camera casing Camera Link Ø80-Mount


Line Scan Camera with CameraLink interface starting at 512 pixels up to 8160 pixels
  • Line frequency up to 53.5 kHz
  • Shading correction with permanently stored profiles
  • Window Function (ROI)
  • Line Trigger, Frame Trigger
  • Advanced Synchronization Control
  • Data cable length up to 10m
  • Interface: Camera Link


Line scan cameras are semiconductor cameras used in many industrial environments, e.g. in machine vision applications. The single photosensitive line sensor contains – depending on type – up to 22800 picture elements (pixels). Light energy incident on the sensor is transformed into an electric signal for digitization within the camera. At 8-bit resolution, the A/D converter transmits the output voltage of each pixel into one of 256 brightness levels, at 12-bit resolution into 4096 brightness levels. Color line scan cameras provide three separate line signals for Red, Green and Blue with either 3 x 8-bit or 3 x 12-bit per pixel. The digitized output signal is transfered to a computer.

Camera Link is a standardized interface for industrial image acquisition and is designed for fast data transmission. For controlling a Schäfter+Kirchhoff line scan camera, any third party grabber board is suitable when it complies with the Camera Link standard in the base configuration. The camera and grabber board are connected using a standard cable with MDR26 mini-ribbon plug connectors. 
Use the software development kits provided from the grabber board manufactuers when developing customized applications. On request, Schäfter + Kirchhoff can provide the Camera Link configuration file of the specified camera type matched to the grabber. The basic camera parameters can also be configured with the SkCLconfig tool from Schäfter + Kirchhoff. This tool can be downloaded from the support area of the Schäfter + Kirchhoff homepage.
Schäfter + Kirchhoff provides a wide range of accessories for the line scan cameras with Camera Link interface, including focus adapters, extension rings, lenses and mounting brackets for industrial use.

A detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of all camera interfaces offered by Schäfter+Kirchhoff can be found here.


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