TDI Line Scan Cameras

Camera Link interface

Camera casing Camera Link M42x1.0, vers. VT
Camera casing Camera Link M42x1.0, vers. VT


  • Time Delayed Integration with up to 256 TDI stages
  • Line rates up to 125 kHz
  • Bidirectional operations
  • Triggering of each line exposure during the TDI process
  • Binning: horziontal (1x2), vertical (2x1), or combi-ned (2x2)
  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Number of active TDI stages selectable, e.g. 64 / 128 / 192 / 256
  • Area imaging for alignment
  • Anti Blooming
  • Integration Control
  • Interface: Camera Link
  • TDI sensor
  • CCD/CMOS hybrid sensor
  • Monochrome sensor


Line scan cameras are semiconductor cameras used in many industrial environments. The single photosensitive line sensor contains – depending on type – up to 22800 picture elements (pixels). Light energy incident on the sensor is transformed into an electric signal for digitization within the camera. At 8-bit resolution, the A/D converter transmits the output voltage of each pixel into one of 256 brightness levels, at 12-bit resolution into 4096 brightness levels. Color line scan cameras provide three separate line signals for Red, Green and Blue with either 3 x 8-bit or 3 x 12-bit per pixel. The digitized output signal is transfered to a computer.

Time Delayed Integration Technology
The VT series of Vieworks Time Delayed Integration line scan cameras are designed for applications where faster line rates and higher sensitivity are critical, e.g. in low light conditions. The Vieworks advanced TDI line scan technology is based on the outstanding hybrid imaging sensors that allow image captures as fast as the 100 kHz line rates, with up to 256× higher sensitivity. 
With high speed and high sensitivity, this TDI technology is ideal for demanding applications such as flat panel display inspection, wafer inspection, printed circuit board inspection and high-performance document scanning.


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