Beam Splitters 48BM-CC

Beam splitting cube, in adjustment mount



The beam splitters 48BM-CC are polarization-independent cube beam splitters. They have an adjustable mount and are designed to be integrated into the multicube system.
  • Beam splitting cube
  • Polarization independent
  • Splitting ratio 50 : 50
  • Clear aperture up to 7 mm
  • Reflection angle 90°
  • Broadband AR coating
  • In adjustable mount
  • Shipped with clamp collar

Order Options

Order CodeSeriesWavelength RangeSplitting RatioClear Aperture
48BM-CC-A48BM-CC  400 -   700 nm50 : 50Ø 7 mm
48BM-CC-B48BM-CC  750 - 1100 nm 50 : 50Ø 7 mm
48BM-CC-C48BM-CC1100 - 1700 nm50 : 50Ø 7 mm


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