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Compact Laser Micro Focus Generator with elliptical Gaussian beam profile


Compact Laser spot with elliptical Gaussian beam profile.
  • Spot diameter: 0.013 x 0.023 mm
  • Wavelength: 785 nm
  • Working distance: 46 mm
  • Micro Focus Generator for small spot widths and high power density in the focal plane


The laser diode beam source type 5M-S50+55CM-785-90-Q06-A8-C-6 produces an elliptical laser spot with elliptical Gaussian intensity distribution.

The laser has integrated electronics type C for control of the laser output power. The output power can be controlled using the modulation input ports (TTL and analog) or manually using the potentiometer.

The working distance can be adjusted by adjusting the focus setting. Please note that the spot diameter increases proportionally to the working distance. A fine-adjustment of the distance between laser and target is recommended for fine-focusing.

Technical data


Order Code
Line profile
Gaussian Intensity Distribution
785 +10/-10 nm
Laser output power
90 mW
Laser safety class
Focussing range
35-70 mm
Working distance
46 mm
Spot height
0.023 mm
Spot width
0.013 mm
Rayleigh range
0.354 mm
Diameter laser module
25/28 mm
Module length
73.1 mm
Installation length
149.1 mm
Cable length
1.5 m
Connector type
Lumberg SV50 IEC 61076-2-106
Supply voltage
5 ± 0.2 V
Max. current consumption
0.25 A
Working temperature
0 - 40 °C
Modulation inputs
Input resistance
22 kOhm
22 kOhm
Max. modulation frequency
100 kHz
100 kHz
Modulation delay ON/OFF
1/0.5 µs
2/1 µs
Rise / Fall time
3/2 µs
3/2 µs


Eccentric key with a stroke of ± 0.5 mm.
Alternative eccentric key with long handle with a stroke of ± 0.5 mm.
Screwdriver WS 1.2