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Machine Vision Laser Lines

Exhibition Setup

Line lasers

Laser diode based Machine Vision Lasers for use in metrology and machine vision applications.

  • First Setup: Laser triangulation and height profile measurement
  • Second setup: Different laser line geometries and wavelengths
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The Machine Vision Lasers by Schäfter + Kirchhoff are laser diode based light sources designed for use in metrology and machine vision applications. They are available in a variety of line geometries (with fan angle or semi-telecentric) with different intensity profiles (Gaussian or uniform intensity distribution along the laser line) and with wavelengths 405 nm - 980 nm.

Exhibition Setup

The exhibition setup demonstrates how a laser line can be used for laser triangulation and also shows a large variety of different line laser geometries.

First Setup: Working principle of laser triangulation

Laser triangulation, also called laser light sectioning, is the most common application of a laser line. It is a 3D measuring technique for determining a profile at a predefined incident section. 

The imaging camera is mounted directly perpendicular to the scanned object. It measures the lateral displacement and distortion of the incident laser line projected at an angle onto the object. 

The recorded camera image contains all of the height information obtained from the section defined by the incident laser beam, which is then decoded to provide the 3D height profile as the object passes through the laser line camera detection system.

Schäfter+Kirchhoff provides fine laser lines or lines with an extended depth of focus for laser triangulation sensors.

Line lasers

Second Setup: Laser Lines of different geometries, Laser Focus Generators and Laser Collimators

Laser lines are available with fan angle or semi-telecentric and Gaussian or uniform intensity distribution along the laser line. Most laser lines are also available as either Micro or Macro Laser Lines.

Laser Micro Line Generators are designed to produce lines with a small line width. They have a small depth of focus. Laser Macro Line Generators have common basic optical features but are designed to generate laser lines with an extended depth of focus. 

Most lasers are optionally available with RS232 interface or as a Low Noise version, which are low noise (0.1 % RMS,@<1 MHz) and operate mode-hopping free.

The adequate laser line can be found using the Laser Line Product Configurator

Line lasers

Product Configurator

Schäfter+Kirchhoff also offer Laser Focus Generators as well as Laser Diode Collimators. The adequate laser spot or colliamator can be found using the Product Configurator

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