Attaching a power meter to a multicube system

Attaching a power meter to a multicube system

During the alignment process for a multicube system or for a single laser beam coupler, it is helpful to attach a power meter to the system directly. This not only allows for a reproducible power measurement but also enables a secure setup in terms of laser safety.

For power meter sensor heads with a thread type SM1 Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers the adapter type SM1-IG-AC19.5 from SM1 to system mount Ø 19.5 mm.

The adapter is inclined in order to avoid direct back reflections from the sensor into the optical system

A version without inclination is available, too, type SM1-IG-AC19.5-0.

For beam centering purposes it is useful to truncate the beam before passing it to a power meter or to a camera, as e.g. explained in the adjustment procedure for the 60SMS laser beam coupler.

In this case use the adapter type 8AC19.5-19.5. It is mounted in between the adpater SM1-IG-AC19.5-0 and the system with Ø 19.5 mm system mount. It can hold aperures of type 5H-xx.