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Scan Camera Lenses, M45x0.75 High Resolution


Scan Camera Lenses (machine vision lenses) are designed for typical magnifications (about 1:5 to 1:30) and rather short working distances. 
This improves the image quality at the margins compared to photo lenses.They are compatible with Extension Rings of the ZR-series, length 10 to 50 mm.

Order Options

Order CodeFocal LengthF-numberMax. Sensor LengthOptimum MagnificationMagnification RangeFlange Focal LengthPrincipal Point DistanceLengthOuter DiameterFilter ThreadFlange Focal LengthDistance Sensor to ObjectDistance Lens to Object
 fKSßoßs'A'HH'LO  s'Aß'OO'A
 [mm] [mm]  [mm][mm][mm][mm] [mm][mm][mm]
inspec.x L 4.0/60604.070.91:30.31:5 - 055.38.542.651M49x0.7557.319681868
inspec.x L 4.0/1001004.070.41:201:5 - 091.63.473.460M58x0.7596.622082038