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Photo and Enlarging Camera Lenses

with M40-mount, M45-mount or F-mount

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Fixed focal length Camera Lenses (machine vision lenses) for large image scales. Due to the
F-mount attachment they are appropriate for medium sensor
lengths. For the cost-effective photo lenses AF...
Schäfter+Kirchhoff offer adapter combinations with integrated
locking for the focus and aperture ring. There are three types:

Order Options

Order CodeFocal LengthF-numberMax. CCD Sensor LengthMagnification RangeFlange Focal LengthLengthOuter DiameterFilter ThreadMin. Close Focus Range
 fKSßs'A'LO  A
 [mm] [mm] [mm][mm][mm] [mm]
SK2.8/20-40202.8361:8.3 - 019.569.569M62x0.75250
SK2.8/28-40282.8361:5.6 - 019.571.565M52x0.5250
SK2.0/35-40352.0361:4.2 - 019.570.564.5M52x0.5250
SK1.4/50-40501.4361:6.8 - 019.569.564.5M52x0.5450
SK1.8/50-40501.8361:6.6 - 019.56663.5M52x0.5450
SK2.8/20-45202.8361:8.3 - 019.569.569M62x0.75250
SK2.8/28-45282.8361:5.6 - 019.571.565M52x0.5250
SK2.0/35-45352.0361:4.2 - 019.570.564.5M52x0.5250
SK1.4/50-45501.4361:6.8 - 019.569.564.5M52x0.5450
SK1.8/50-45501.8361:6.6 - 019.56663.5M52x0.5450
AF2.8/20D202.8361:8.3 - 046.542.569M62x0.75250
AF2.8/24D242.8361:8.9 - 046.54664.5M52x0.5300
AF2.8/28D282.8361:5.6 - 046.544.565M52x0.5250
FL-YFL3528352.8451:6.65 - 045.556.872M62.5x0.75190
Rodagon-F 40404.0441:2 - 046.52159M40.5x0.594
AF1.4/50D501.4361:6.8 - 046.542.564.5M52x0.5450
inspec.x M1.4/50501.443.51:6.67 - 042.64570M58x0.75355
AF1.8/50D501.8361:6.6 - 046.53963.5M52x0.5450
FL-YFL5028502.8451:6.13 - 045.557.872M62.5x0.5250
Rodagon-F 50502.8441:2 - 046.5327.859M40.5x0.5124
Rodagon-F 60604.0441:2 - 04640.259M40.5x0.5159
AF4.0/300D3004.0361:3.7 - 046.5222.590M77x0.751450