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Macro Camera Lenses, V-Mount V46, High Resolution

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Macro Camera Lenses (machine vision lenses) are designed for rather short working distances and image scales of about 1: 0.33 to 1: 3. The image field curvature is therefore minimal. 
The design for a small magnification range leads to minimal image errors.They are compatible with Extenion Rings: ZR-series, length 10 to 50 mm.

Order Options

Order CodeFocal LengthF-numberMax. Sensor LengthOptimum MagnificationMagnification RangeFlange Focal LengthPrincipal Point DistanceLengthOuter DiameterFilter ThreadFlange Focal LengthDistance Sensor to ObjectDistance Lens to Object
 fKSßoßs'A'HH'LO  s'Aß'OO'A
 [mm] [mm]  [mm][mm][mm][mm] [mm][mm][mm]
Apo-Rodagon HR 0.5x 5.6/75755.6621:21:1.5 - 1:2.8541.84746M37x0.7592.5348208
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-0.331055.6701:31:2 - 1:464.87-7.3772.561.4M43100.0555382
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-0.51055.6701:21:1.5 - 1:2.565.05-7.1672.561.4M43117.7467277
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-0.761055.6701:1.31:1.1 - 1:1.765.36-7.2772.561.4M43146.4422203
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-1.01055.6701:11:0.85 - 1:1.265.54-7.2872.561.4M43170.9414171
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-0.761055.6921:0.761:0.6 - 1:0.965.7-7.2772.561.4M43204.4422145
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-0.5 retro1055.61401:0.51:0.4 - 1:0.6565.99-7.1672.561.4M43276.7467118
inspec.x L 5.6/105 ß-0.33 retro1055.62121:0.331:0.25 - 1:0.566.04-7.3772.561.4M43385.4558100