Half-wave Plate 48WP-2 (low-order)

The half-wave plate rotates the polarization direction of a linearly polarized input beam



The retardation optics type 48WP-2 are half-wave plates (also known as waveplates or retarder plates) that allow the polarization rotation of linearly polarized radiation. They have a rotary mount and are designed to be integrated into the multicube system.
  • Quartz plate, low order, dichroic optics on request
  • For various wavelengths UV-IR
  • Clear aperture 5 mm
  • In adjustable mount with self-locking tubular axis (0 - 360°)
  • Rotation around axis that is inclined 2°  with respect to the optical axis. This avoids interference and back-reflection
  • System mount Ø 19.5 mm
  • Adjustable using Schäfter+Kirchhoff Polarization Analyzer series SK010PA.

Order Options

Order CodeSeriesRetardationOrderWavelengthElementSystem Mount
48WP-2-CA-301L48WPλ/2low  301 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-369L48WPλ/2low  369 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-399L48WPλ/2low  399 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-405L48WPλ/2low  405 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-442L48WPλ/2low  442 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-461L48WPλ/2low  461 nmSrØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-488L48WPλ/2low  488 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-532L48WPλ/2low  532 nm -Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-556L48WPλ/2low  556 nmYbØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-589L48WPλ/2low  589 nmNa Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-626L48WPλ/2low  626 nmDyØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-671L48WPλ/2low  671 nmLiØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-679L48WPλ/2low  679 nm Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-689L48WPλ/2low  689 nmSrØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-707L48WPλ/2low  707 nm Ø 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-760L48WPλ/2low  760 nmNaØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-767L48WPλ/2low  767 nmKØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-780L48WPλ/2low  780 nmRbØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-795L48WPλ/2low  795 nmRbØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-811L48WPλ/2low  811 nmKrØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-852L48WPλ/2low  852 nmCsØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-CA-1083L48WPλ/2low1083 nmHeØ 19.5 mm


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STEP model
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Polarization Analyzer SK010PA

Measurement tool for coupling into polarization-maintaining fiber cables