Dichroic Half-wave Plate 48WP-2-x-1-x

The half-wave plate rotates the polarization direction of a linearly polarized input beam of one single wavelength and not the other

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The dichroic retardation plate (also known as waveplates or retarder plates) are λ/2 plates for one wavelength and do not affect the polarization of the other wavelength. The correctly positioned plate rotates two orthogonally polarized input beams of different wave lengths into linear polarization states in parallel. The dichroic retardation plates have a rotary mount and are designed to be integrated into the multicube system e.g. in dichroic Fiber Port Clusters.

  • Quartz plate, multiple order
  • Retardation λ/2 for one wavelength
  • Retardation λ/1 for the other wavelength (polarization is not affected)
  • For various wavelengths UV-IR
  • Clear aperture 5 mm
  • In adjustable mount with self-locking tubular axis (0 - 360°)
  • Rotation around axis that is inclined 2°  with respect to the optical axis. This avoids interference and back-reflection
  • System mount Ø 19.5 mm
  • Adjustable using Schäfter+Kirchhoff Polarization Analyzer series SK010PA.

Order Options

Order CodeSeriesRetardationWavelengthUnaffected WavelengthSystem Mount
48WP-2-378-1-40448WPλ/2378 nm404 nmØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-404-1-39448WPλ/2404 nm394 nmØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-628-1-60648WPλ/2 628 nm606 nmØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-717-1-70748WPλ/2717 nm707 nmØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-780-1-76748WPλ/2780 nm767 nmØ 19.5 mm
48WP-2-780-1-79548WPλ/2780 nm795 nmØ 19.5 mm


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Polarization Analyzer SK010PA

Measurement tool for coupling into polarization-maintaining fiber cables