Combination Cubes and Plates 48MC

compatible with established cage and microbench systems

The major design features of the ­Schäfter+Kirchhoff multicube™ components ensure highly rugged and warp-resistant setups, especially for single-mode fiber coupling. The multicubes™ are combined and fixed using four ­ Ø 6 mm ­rods in parallel and are compatible with ­established microbench systems.
The multicube™ construction system is the perfect integration platform for laser beam couplers, beam combiners, beam splitters, polarizers or retardation optics. Self-supporting modules and laser beam assemblies can be created that are extremely resistant to torsion and contain complementary components, such as the laser diode collimator 48TA and Faraday iso­lator 48FI on the mounting bracket 48MB.
The multicube™ system is compatible* with the established cage system and the microbench system.

*Schäfter+Kirchhoff has a high demand for quality and accuracy. The tight tolerances associated with this can in individual cases lead to discrepancies with the imperial dimensions of some cage systems. Please contact us if problems occur.
multicube 48MC-LTD-19.5
multicube 48MC-LTS-19.5