Half-wave plates 5WP-2 (zero-order)

allows polarization rotation of linearly polarized radiation



The retardation optics type 5WP-2 are half-wave plates (also known as waveplates or retarder plates) that allow the polarization rotation of linearly polarized radiation. 
  • Attachment optics for fiber collimators type 60FC with outer diameter Ø 12 mm and focal lengths ≤ 20 mm.
  • Zero-order half-wave optics with an 1.5° inclined mounting in oder to avoid direct back-reflections, dichroic optics on request
  • For various wavelengths UV-IR
  • Free rotation for best adjustment with positional locking using radially arranged screws.
  • Optional long-form housing (-L) with system mount Ø 8 mm for adding additional attachment optics
  • Adjustable using Schäfter+Kirchhoff Polarization Analyzer series SK010PA.
  • For collimating focal lengths f > 20 mm Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers fiber collimators of type 60FC-Q with integrated retardation optics.

Order Options

Order CodeSeriesRetardationOrderWavelengthElementSystem MountFront Fitting
5WP-2-394Z-S5WPλ/2zero394 nm-Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-405Z-S5WPλ/2zero405 nm-Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-461Z-S5WPλ/2zero461 nmSrØ 8 mm-
5WP-2-532Z-S5WPλ/2zero532 nm-Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-556Z-S5WPλ/2zero556 nmYb Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-637Z-S5WPλ/2zero637 nm-Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-671Z-S5WPλ/2zero671 nmLiØ 8 mm-
5WP-2-729Z-S5WPλ/2zero729 nm Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-773Z-S5WPλ/2zero773 nmK + RbØ 8 mm-
5WP-2-780Z-S5WPλ/2zero780 nm RbØ 8 mm-
5WP-2-852Z-S5WPλ/2zero852 nmCsØ 8 mm-
5WP-2-1064Z-S5WPλ/2zero1064 nm-Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-1550Z-S5WPλ/2zero1550 nm-Ø 8 mm-
5WP-2-394Z-L5WPλ/2zero394 nm-Ø 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-405Z-L5WPλ/2zero405 nm-Ø 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-461Z-L5WPλ/2zero461 nmSrØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-532Z-L5WPλ/2zero532 nm-Ø 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-556Z-L5WPλ/2zero556 nmYbØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-626Z-L5WPλ/2zero626 nmDyØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-671Z-L5WPλ/2zero671 nmLiØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-729Z-L5WPλ/2zero729 nm Ø 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-773Z-L5WPλ/2zero773 nmK + RbØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-780Z-L5WPλ/2zero780 nm RbØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-852Z-L5WPλ/2zero852 nmCsØ 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-1064Z-L5WPλ/2zero1064 nm-Ø 8 mmØ 8 mm
5WP-2-1550Z-L5WPλ/2zero1550 nm-Ø 8 mmØ 8 mm


Polarization Analyzer SK010PA

Measurement tool for coupling into polarization-maintaining fiber cables

Screwdriver WS 1.2