Adapter for 60SMS Laser Beam Couplers with attenuator Flange mount 1"x1"

Adapter 60A19.5-F-AT
Adapter 60A19.5-F-AT
Adapter 60A19.5-F-AT
Adapter 60A19.5-F-AT


Adapter for flange mount of the 60SMS Laser Beam Couplers to laser systems with a standard drilling pattern 1"x1"
  • Integrated attenuator
  • System mount Ø 19.5 mm
  • Flange mount 1"x1"


930731100101.pdf (Dimensional drawing)
930731100101.stp (STEP model)
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Hex key WS 1.5
Mounting set for type 60A19.5 adapters