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Compact Micro Line Generator with a large fan angle


Compact laser line with a large fan angle and Gaussian intensity distribution.
  • Line length: 375 mm
  • Line width: 124 µm
  • Wavelength: 640 nm
  • Working distance: 317 mm
  • Micro Line Generator for small laser line widths and high power density in the focal plane


The laser diode beam source type 5LP60-S325+25CM-640-26-H22-A8-S-6 has a fan angle of 62°.

The intensity profile is Gaussian in line direction clipped by an aperture with an edge intensity of 14 %. The line width is constant along the laser line. Across the laser line the intensity distribution is Gaussian.

The laser has integrated electronics type S for control of the laser output power. The output power can be controlled using the modulation input ports (TTL and analog) or manually using the potentiometer.

The working distance can be adjusted by adjusting the focus setting. Please note that beam parameters like line length and line width increase proportionally to the working distance. A fine-adjustment of the distance between laser and target is recommended for fine-focusing.

Technical data


Order Code
Line profile
Gaussian Intensity Distribution
Line type
Laser Micro Line
640 +5/-5 nm
Laser output power
26 mW
Laser safety class
Fan angle α
62 deg
Focussing range
260-430 mm
Working distance
317 mm
Line length
375 mm
Line width
0.124 mm
Rayleigh range
38 mm
Edge intensity
14 %
Diameter laser module
12 mm
Module length
73.7 mm
Installation length
420.7 mm
Cable length
1.5 m
Connector type
Lumberg SV50 IEC 61076-2-106
Supply voltage
5 ± 0.25 V
Max. current consumption
0.25 A
Working temperature
0 - 40 °C
Modulation inputs
Input resistance
22 kOhm
22 kOhm
Max. modulation frequency
50 kHz
1000 kHz
Modulation delay ON/OFF
4/0.5 µs
0.05/0.05 µs
Rise / Fall time
5/4 µs
0.1/0.02 µs


Eccentric key with a stroke of ± 0.5 mm.
Alternative eccentric key with long handle with a stroke of ± 0.5 mm.
Screwdriver WS 1.2
Mounting Console with flat base plate
Mounting Console with base plate with Montech® profile
Power Supply 5 V
For laser diode beam sources of electronics type S/C/P/H and 5 V power supply