Anamorphic beam-shaping optics with form factor 0.4



Anamorphic optics transform a collimated laser beam with elliptical cross section into a circular beam or vice versa.
  • Form factor 0.4
  • Wavelength range: 980 - 1550 nm
  • Integrated astigmatism correction
  • No lateral beam shift or beam deviation as with anamorphic prism pairs
  • Clear aperture: Ø 5 mm
  • Diffraction-limited optics pair
  • Ø 19.5 mm system mount: Full integration with ­­­multicube™ system / 30 mm cage system, collimators and adapters
  • Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.


A circular beam profile may be preferred over the elliptical profile usually provided by laser diodes or by tapered amplifiers. Anamorphic Beam-shaping ­Optics act one-dimensionally on the profile of the colli­mated beam. They can be used to 

  • Adjust the larger beam diameter to the dimension of the smaller one, producing a radially symmetric beam 
  • Adjust the smaller beam diameter to the dimension of the larger one, producing a radially symmetric beam 
  • Transform a circular beam into an elliptical beam 
  • Enlarge one elliptical axis to produce a beam with a higher axis ratio

The Anamorphic Beam-shaping ­Optics type 5AN are cylinder lens systems and, therefore, can be additionally used to correct the astigmatic difference ∆As of the laser diode or tapered amplifier through a refocusing of the optical system. Coupling efficiencies to single-mode fibers of 80% or more are possible when using Anamorphic Beam-shaping ­Optics (depending on the beam characteristics of the laser diode or tapered amplifier).

Form Factor
The anamorphic effect is described by the form factor F, which ­indicates the relative diameter change of the parallel beam.
The target value is calculated from the ratio the beam diameters Ø⊥ and Ø|| of the ­collimated beam.


This product has been discontinued.

Technical data


Order Code
Form factor
AR coating
Wavelength range
980 - 1550 nm
Clear aperture
Ø 5 mm
System mount
System mount
Ø 19.5 mm
Ø 19.5 mm
Outer diameter
Ø 25 mm
Housing material
Nickel silver / steel
68 g

This product has been discontinued.


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This product has been discontinued.


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