Fiber-coupled electro-magnetic shutter 48EMS-0



Fiber-coupled electro-magnetic laser shutter
  • With single-mode, PM or multimode fiber cables
  • Min. 25  million cycles
  • Compatible to the 'multicube' System
  • Bistable, operating frequency max. 15 Hz
  • Min. exposure time 11 ms
  • Controlled by TTL signale (flank control)
  • Electrical connection type M8, 4 pin female
  • Suitable shutter controller SK97121 (not included)
  • Compact, rugged, transportable and sealed opto-mechanical units
  • Very high long-term stability, efficiency and reproducability
  • Can be used as an interface between different types of fibers or connectors
Please note: This is not a laser safety shutter according to EN 60825. Additional laser safety measures may be necessary.
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The fiber-coupled electro-magnetic shutter 48EMS-0 is a shutter that can be controlled by means of a TTL signal (flank-controlled).
An appropriate controller is available separately.

Fiber-coupled setup
The electromegnatic shutter is fiber-coupled using two Laser Beam Couplers, one of which serves as the input into the opto-mechanical unit collimating the input radiation and a second coupler that couples the radiation back into the second fiber cable. The stability of the total Fiber-to-Fiber Coupler is determined by the stability of the Laser Beam Coupler. 

Depending on the choice of lens type (monochromatic or achromatic) within the Laser Beam Couplers, the system can either be used for a single wavelength or for a wavelength range.

Coupling focal length
The best focal length for the 60SMS Laser Beam Couplers used in these systems is f' 11 - 12 mm. If the effective numerical apertures of the two fibers used with this system are different, you have to use two Laser Beam Couplers with different focal lengths.

For selecting the 60SMS Laser Beam Couplers please refer to the 60SMS Laser Beam Coupler webpage.

If you want to use the electro-magnetic shutter in a free beam setup, please refer to 48EMS-6.

Technical data

Fiber-coupled electro-magnetic shutter 48EMS-0

Order code
370 - 1700 nm (depends on coupling optics)
monochromatic or achromatic optics*
* broadband systems on request
Focal length
11 -12 mm (standard)
depends on coupling optics and fiber cable
Fiber type
single-mode, polarization-maintaining
or multimode
Connector type
FC APC (standard)
TTL (edge-triggered)
Electrical connector type
M5 (4 pin, female)
Voltage to switch
10.7 V DC
Coil resistance
8 Ohm
Shutter timing
Min. exposure time
11 ms
Max. operating frequency
15 Hz (continuous)
Max. operating frequency
45 Hz (burst mode)
Operating temperature
-10 - +65°C
Suitable shutter controller
min. 25 million cycles
xxx gr


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STEP model
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