Polarizing Beam Splitter 1 ⇾ 2, 48-MCS-015

Compact, rugged and highly efficient opto-mechanical unit with fixed splitting ratio


Polarizing Beam Splitter 48-MCS-015

  • Configuration 1 ⇾ 2
  • Highly efficient coupling into polarization-maintaining fiber cables
  • Separates s- from p-polarization
  • Compact, rugged, transportable and sealed opto-mechanical unit
  • Fully fiber-coupled
  • Very high long-term stability, efficiency and reproducability


This fiber-coupled Polarizing Beam Splitter 1 ⇾ 2 is a compact opto-mechanical unit that splits the radiation guided in the two linear principle states of a polarization-maintaining fiber into 2 output fiber cables with a high efficiency.

Optical Setup
The input port is fiber-coupled to a PM fiber cable.
The radiation is split using a polarizing beam splitter cube. In the deflected beam there is an polarizer that increases the polarization extinction ratio of the s-polarization.

Fiber Couplers
A fundamental component of a fiber-coupled Beam Splitters are the Laser Beam Couplers, which are the inputs into the opto-mechanical unit collimating the input radiation and, finally, couples the radiation back into the common polarization-maintaining fiber cable. The stability of the total Polarizing Beam Splitter is determined by the stability of the Laser Beam Coupler.


Technical data

Polarizing Beam Splitter 1 ⇾ 2, 48-MCS-015

Order code
1 ⇾ 2
Splitting Ratio
Available wavelengths
400 - 1700 nm, monochromatic
Fiber type
Connector type
FC APC (standard)
Cable lengths
≥ 75 % @ 780 nm
Polarization Extinction Ratio
≥ 23 dB @ 780 nm