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Polarization Analyzers Series SK010PA

Universal measurement and test system with multiple wavelength ranges for free-beam applications and polarization-maintaining fiber cables

The polarization analyzers SK010PA are universal measurement and test systems for free-beam applications and for laser beam sources with polarization-maintaining fiber cables. They were developed from practical experience with a focus on high usability.

The polarization analyzer is a plug&play device and connects directly to the USB port of a Windows device. The compact design of the SK010PA, with the communication and power supply via USB, enables its easy integration within existing systems. Alignments and measurements are performed rapidly. A real-time measurement of the Stokes parameters is performed and shown in an interactive display that depicts the state of polarization on a Poincaré sphere.

Main features include:

  • USB 2.0-powered device (control, data transfer and power supply)
  • Determination of the state of polarization (SOP), with all four Stokes parameters, degree of polarization (DOP), ellipticity, etc.
  • Display of the SOP on Poincaré sphere or as polarization ellipse
  • Special routines for PM-fiber evaluation and polarization alignment
  • Compatible with microbench system, rail or cage system for free beam applications, FC-APC adapter included for fiber applications

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Wavelength range:
UV= 370–450 nm
UVIS= 400-700 nm
VIS= 450–800 nm
NIR= 700–1100 nm
IR= 1100–1600 nm
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