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Laser Sources series 51nano

Exhibition Setup

Fiber-coupled Laser Diode Beam Sources series 51nano with reduced power noise (< 0.1% RMS (< 1 MHz)), reduced coherence length and a low speckle contrast.
  • First Setup: Demonstration of reduced power noise and reduced coherence length / interference
  • Second setup: Reduced speckle contrast
  • Third setup: Absence of mode hopping and Fabry-Perot interferometer
More information on the lasers series 51nano can be found here.


The fiber-coupled Laser Diode Beam Sources of type 51nano have reduced power noise (typ. < 0.15 % of Po (RMS, Bandwidth < 1 MHz)), reduced coherence length (≈ 300 µm) and a lowered speckle contrast.

The undesirable features of power noise and mode hopping are eliminated in the 51nano series by exciting numerous longitudinal modes of emission while simultaneously lowering signal noise significantly to typ < 0.15 % RMS of Po. The induced broadening of the spectrum, in a controlled and stable way, has the advantage of considerably reducing the coherence length of the laser beam.

Exhibtion setup

The 51nano setup illustrates these prominent features. In order to better show the positive effects, the laser can be switched from standard to 51nano operation mode (not-standard configuration). The setup consists of 3 separate 51nano setups and shows 5 experiments:
  • First Setup: 1. Demonstration of reduced power noise  and 2. Demonstration of reduced interference
  • Second setup: 3. Demonstration of reduced speckle contrast
  • Third setup: 4. Sepctrometer and 5. Fabry-Perot interferometer as application sample [more]