New Products

New Products

3 axis LASM
3 axis LASM

Large Area Scan Macroscope SK-LASM-005-3x41-600

The SK-LASM-005-3x41-600 is a high resolution scanner system developed for the inspection of ice cores.
  • Monochrome scanner system
  • Motorized 3 axis design
  • Scan width max. 41 mm (1 pass), max. 100 mm (3 passes)
  • Scan length max. 600 mm
  • Resolution 5 µm, 5080 dpi
  • High resolution imaging of e.g. ice core samples
  • Coaxial directed LED light for bright-field illumination
  • Robust and stable design mounted on a granite plane
  • Optional: Telecentric lens
  • Optional: Direct linear drive
  • Optional: Operating temperature down to -20 °C
The inspection system is part of a whole series of scanner systems for microstructure mapping.
Fiber coupler 60FC-SF-0
Fiber coupler 60FC-SF-0

Fiber Collimator series 60FC-SF

The Fiber Collimators series 60FC-SF with super-fine thread are an improved advanced version of the series 60FC-F collimators. They are designed for collimating radiation exiting from an optical fiber cable or used in reverse for coupling a beam into an optical fiber cable. The focus adjustment is done using a super-fine-threaded ring.
  • All benefits of the 60FC-F Fiber Coupler
  • Increased pointing stability and reduced backlash during the focus setting
  • Super-fine thread for an even more precise focus setting with 0.35 mm pitch

  • Focal lengths up to 18 mm
  • Choice of aspheres, achromats and apochromats
  • Various AR coatings for UV - IR
  • Choice of fiber receptacles: FC PC or FC APC (standard), many others available
  • Compact Ø 12 mm housing [More]

Robot-guided Line Scan Camera

Flexible scanning of curved surfaces
  • Corrosion evaluations on car rims or wheel segments, as well as on corrosion test plates.
  • Partial scanning of installed parts on cars, e.g. wheels, doors, bumpers, etc.
  • Imaging and optical quality control of any kind of coatings.
  • Collaborative robot meets safety requirements ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066 for human-robot interaction [More]