Article - Fiber Port Cluster

Fiber Port Cluster Article

Fiber Port Cluster

Rugged, modular and fiber coupled beam splitting and combining units
by Anja Krischke, Michael Schulz, Christian Knothe and Ulrich Oechsner

A stabile measurement setup is fundamental for the success of an experiment, e.g. in quantum optics. A major cause of frustration and error is the need to continuously readjust opto-mechanical equipment because of their instabilities. 

By using fiber optics, both stability and convenience are significantly increased compared with standard breadboard setups. A fiber port cluster, for example, can split the radiation from one or more light sources and distribute it on several polarization-maintaining output fibers with high efficiency. 

The assurance of stability in the opto-mechanics means that the full focus can be set on the experiment (and not the equipment). [more]