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Comparison 60SMS vs 60SMF

Fiber Couplers Series 60SMF – What is New and What are the Advantages?


The fiber couplers series 60SMF with fine threaded adjustment screws are an ­improved, advanced ­version of the fiber couplers 60SMS. They are high precision fiber couplers optimized for high coupling efficiency, high pointing stability and long-term stability and provide efficient coupling of ­collimated laser radiation into ­single-mode and PM fiber cables.

Key Features:

This includes:

Detailed Comparison 60SMS vs 60SMF

  • Full compatability to the old couplers series 60SMS, no other accessories or tools necessary
  • Parts 1:1 substitutable, identical handling and adjustment principle
  • Coupling efficiency (during temperature variations and long-term) is ­identical
  • Faster and easier adjustment procedure due to different choice of ­adjustment screws: Fine-threaded precision-machined screws made from Titanium
  • Same large variety of optics to choose from (aspheres, monochromats, achromats as well as RGBV)

Faster and easier adjustment procedure

The new screws type used in the 60SMF has the result that less force is ­necessary to adjust to a stable coupling and the necessary torque for the ­counter screws is reduced. This means, that during the adjustment procedure, the ­optimum adjustment of the coupling is achieved faster because there is less tension in the material and less embedment (stress relaxation). The fine-threaded screws also accelerate the coupling procedure because you can adjust more accurately.

Period of transition

The 60SMF is available starting now for key suppliers. The new fiber coupler ­(laser beam coupler) series 60SMF will replace the well-known laser beam ­coupler series 60SMS at one point. However, the 60SMS will be avaible for the foreseeable future.