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58FCM: Electronics Type C

Electronic features for 58FCM electronics type C

 Electronics Type C      
Supply voltage (standard)+5 ± 0.2 V      
Supply voltage (optional)+12 ± 0.2 V      
Laser diode operation mode (standard)constant power      
Laser diode operation mode (optional)constant current      
Max. operating current250 mA      
Max. modulation frequency analog100 kHz      
Max. modulation frequency TTL100 kHz      
Laser output power potentiometer< 1 - 100 %      
TTL modulation logic: TTL highLaser ON      
TTL or anaklog input: open or lowLaser OFF      
Analog control voltage Pmin to Pmax0 ... 2.5 V      
Modulation input resistance [Ohm]22 k      
Cable Type4xAWG 26CUL 0.14mm^2      


Circular connector Lumberg SV50 (male, IEC 61076-2-106) for power supply and external modulation ­(pin Umod).
Cable shielding and casing are connected and are galva­nically isolated from the laser diode and the electronics.

Pin-out Electronics Type C/P/H
Pin-out Electronics Type C/P/H
red2+ 5 V     
brown3Umod analog     
orange4Umod TTL     
shieldcasefunctional earth     


The laser has two AND-wired modulation input channels, Uanalog  and UTTL.

Modulation 2.5V

Connecting analog voltage

The input for analog modulation allows applying an analog voltage Uanalog in a range from 0 V to 2.5 V) which allows a linear control of the laser output power from approximately zero up to the maximum power given by the potentiometer setting.

Timing 2.5V

Timing diagram

The laser is OFF in case of an open modulation input. If only one modulation input channel is used, the other has to be set to +5 V.

The voltage Uanalog at analog modulation input  linearly controles the laser output power between ≤1% and 100% of the optical power set with the potentiometer.