SK91USB3-WIN  5.3.5


This is the help for the Software Development Kit (SDK) SK91USB3-WIN. The main module of the SDK is the library SK91USB3_x64.dll (64 bit) / SK91USB3_x86.dll (32 bit), which provides a large number of API functions for control and parametrizing of line scan cameras. The Section Summary lists the categories of API functions, and it is a dispatcher for a quick jump to the description of a desired function.

Explanations and examples help to use the functions correctly.


  1. Startup / Exit
  2. Camera Control
    1. Exposure Time / Line Frequency
    2. Gain / Offset
    3. Saving parameters, serial commands
  3. External synchronization
  4. Grabbing
  5. Shading Correction / LUT
  6. Window Function (ROI)
  7. Thresholding
  8. Camera Status
  9. Camera informations
  10. Memory Management
  11. Imaging
  12. Error Code Table