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EOM elektro-optische Modulatoren mit Faseroptik

EOMs are capable of modulation and switching tasks (amplitude and phase modulation, generation of sidebands).The EOM described here was specially designed for high quality phase modulation.

Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers polarization-maintaining fiberoptic components that are ideally suited for an implementation of an EOM in a measurement setup. Upgrading to fiber-optics enhances laser safety by confining the beam to optical fibers and increases the stability and reproducibility of measurement setups compared to free-beam breadboard constructions.

The EOMs described here are manufactured by qubig and are designed for the modulation of the optical phase.


  • Electro-optical Phase Modulator
  • High Q resonance
  • Fixed & tunable resonance frequencies 0.1 MHz–3 GHz
  • Wavelength range: 200 nm–5 μm
  • Crystal apertures: 3×3, 5×5 mm; Large aperture for easy alignment
  • Outstanding modulation efficiency
  • Standard AR coatings: broadband, single line
  • High optical damage threshold crystals
  • Low residual amplitude modulation (RAM)
  • Low rf drive power
  • For s- and p-polarization


  • Optical sideband generation
  • Laser frequency stabilization
  • Cavity-laser lock
  • Frequency shifting
  • Spectral broadening
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