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USB 3.0 Line Scan Cameras

USB 3.0 line scan cameras are ideally suited for fast and high-resolution scanning. The plug & play capability predestine the USB 3.0 line scan cameras for use in mobile scanner applications, either controlled by a laptop or when the controlling PC is often changed. The locking screw of the connectors and an industrial housing design make them robust and suitable for industrial environments.

By using standard components, these USB 3.0 camera systems are comparatively inexpensive and provide a beneficial price-performance ratio. An external grabber is not required. Most of the USB 3.0 cameras are satisfied by the integral USB power. An external power supply is only necessary for some high performance cameras with higher power consumption.

In combination with the Smart-Control-Box, the USB 3.0 cameras can be used as line sensors to provide fast and stand-alone measurement systems, e.g. for measuring object widths, rod diameter or edges as well as the thickness of transparent materials such as glass.

  • High performance cameras for industry and laboratory
  • High value-for-money ratio
  • Securely attached connectors, robust casings
  • No external power supply for the most cameras
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed enables the use of sensors at their maximum line frequencies
  • Default cable length of up to 3 m
  • Active Optical Cable provides up to 100 m
  • Advanced Synchronization Control
  • Software for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 - x64, x86 or for Linux kernel 3.13+
  • Useable as sensor for the Smart-Control-Box
  • Downwards compatible with USB 2.0

Performance Features

Line frequencymax. 53.5 kHz
Shading correction with permanently stored profilesX
Shading correction with permanently stored profilesX
Window Function (ROI)X
Line Trigger, Frame Trigger, Threshold TriggerX
Advanced Synchronization ControlX
Thresholdingall monochrome models
Status LED for power-on (red) and firmware loaded (green)X
Extra signals for diagnosis (line counter, sync status)X
Data cable length (default)3 m
Extended length when using Active Optical Cable, up to100 m
Software, SDK for Windows, LinuxSkLineScan, SK91USB3-WIN,
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