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Special Developements

Optical Design Service

  • Optical Design and Photonics are the base for systems like the Opto-electronic Finger- and Palmprint Camera for identity / security checking

Welding Monitor
for laser and arc welding

The S+K Welding Monitor (international Patent DE 33 39 182 / EU 0 160687) produces high definition images during laser and arc welding in unprecedented detail for:

  • quality control during remote-controlled welding (in hazardous areas, such as a nuclear installation),
  • the positioning of industrial welding robots, and
  • education and training.


IORT Electron Applicator

  • for precise docking and beam control during intraoperative radiation therapy. In use at sites throughout Europe
  • German Patent: DE 39 00 884

Investigation of the microstructure of polar ice cores

The large area scan macroscope from Schäfter + Kirchhoff was developed for the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Maritime Research in Bremerhaven for use at temperatures down to -30°C (and ultimately -60°C). This ice scanner is a vast improvement over traditional methods in terms of quality, reproducibility and speed. More…

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