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Smart Line Scan Measurement Systems

Based on ARM-Platform

High-performance, compact, flexible – these are the key features of the new Schäfter+Kirchhoff Smart line scan camera systems. These perform as autonomous measuring units directly attached to the machine or in close vicinity to the object.

They are used to measure widths, diameters, distances, edge or peak positions and many more values. Pass-or-fail decisions are made according to adjustable tolerances. The optical sensor, a line scan camera, is connected by USB 3.0 interface to the Smart Control Box SK91USB3-SC100.

In the SK91SmartCtrl, the CPU performance benefits from value calculations with sub-pixel accuracy. System commands and requests are sent from a client computer via Ethernet and the measurement results are returned from the Smart Control Box as appropriate. To facilitate the setup and adjustment of the sensor, the server can provide complete line signals to the client in real-time. The maximum distance between client and server is 100 meters. Up to 8 Smart line scan camera systems can be handled and controlled by a client.

Data output from the smart line scan measurement system is also possible by CAN bus, RS232 or digital I/O.

  • High-performing signal- and image processing on Smart line scan measurement systems with 8-core CPUs
  • Extremely compact design for machine-integrated installation
  • Monochrome sensors, 512 - 8160 pixels, USB 3.0 interface
  • Client-server configuration for Ethernet based measurement data transfer
  • Client user interface for Windows 7/8/10 and Linux (Debian, Mint)
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