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multicube™ – Components and Systems

The design features of the Schäfter+Kirchhoff "multicube" components ensure highly rugged and warp-resistant setups, especially for singlemode fiber coupling. The "multicubes" are combined and fixed using four Ø 6 mm rods in parallel and are compatible with established microbench systems. The rods are located in full through-holes or partial blind-holes at least 2 diameters deep (12 mm). Each rod is locked using two M3 screws (1.5 mm Hex screwdriver) that are radially opposed across the "multicube", eliminating any distortion and ensuring highly reproducible results and assemblies.

The "multicube" construction system is the perfect integration platform for laser beam couplers, beam combiners, beam splitters, polarizers or retardation optics. Self-supporting modules and laser beam assemblies can be created that are extremely resistant to torsion and contain complementary components, such as the laser diode collimator 48TA… and Faraday isolator 48FI-… on the mounting bracket 48MB.

Construction Kit multicube™ Series 48MC

  • For integration of laser beam couplers, beam combiners, beam splitters, retardation optics and polarizers
  • For rugged and distortion-free setups without the need for an optical breadboard
  • Microbench compatible

Beam splitter and combiner, polarizers and retardation optics

  • With adjustment mounts for the "multicube" system

Adapters and Accessories

  • For different optics diameters and threads
  • Screws, rods and tools

Fiber-fiber couplers 60FF-...

  • For coupling fiber cables with different types of connectors
  • For singlemode coupling fibers with different numerical apertures
  • For coupling polarization-maintaining fiber cables with high polarization extinction ratios

Laser attenuators 48AT-FC

  • Reproducible and precise attenuation of fiber-coupled laser power
  • Polarization maintaining
  • Coupling of various fiber and connector types
  • For fiber connectors of the types FC-PC, FC-APC and more

Fiber Optics, Components and Tools for Fundamental Research

  • Quantum optics - biophotonics - atmospheric physics
  • Fiber-optic beam delivery and splitting system
  • Polarization maintaining
  • Variable power splitting
  • Cascadable number of input and output ports
  • Optionally dichroic for combining and splitting several distinct wavelengths
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