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Camera Link GigE
GigE Vision USB 3.0


Pixel number

Pixel dimension [μm]

Max. line frequency [kHz]

Lens Mount

All C-Mount
M40x0.75 M42x1.0
M45x0.75 M72x0.75

With adapter to C-Mount, M40x0.75, M42x1.0, or M45x0.75:

Advanced Settings

Active sensor length [mm]

Special Features

Spectral range [nm]

Camera NamePixel NumberPixel DimensionActive Sensor LengthMax. line frequencyAnti-bloomingIntegration controlShading CorrectionThreshold ModeInterfaceBit depthCompare
SK8160VKO-4XL81605 x 5 µm40.8 mm11.9 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK8160GKO-4XL81605 x 5 µm40.8 mm11.9 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK4096VFD-4L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm27.8 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK4096U3FD-L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm27.8 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK4096GFD-4L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm27.8 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK22368VTOC-4L7456 x 34.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.1 kHzGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK22368GTOC-4L7456 x 34.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.1 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK2048VSD-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048GSD-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK16200VTOC-4L5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm6.9 kHzGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK16200GTOC-4L5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm6.9 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK12240VKOC-4XL4080 x 310 x 10 µm40.8 mm4.8 kHzXXXGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK12240GKOC-4XL4080 x 310 x 10 µm40.8 mm4.8 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK512U3SH51214 x 14 µm7.2 mm35.7 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK512CSH51214 x 14 µm7.2 mm35.7 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK4096VPD-L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm11.9 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK4096U3PD-L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm11.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK4096GPD-L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm11.9 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK4096CPD-L409610 x 10 µm41.0 mm11.9 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK2048VSH-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048MVSH204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14.1 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048GSH-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048CSH204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK1024VSH-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024U3SH102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024MVSH102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024GSH-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK1024CSH102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
VT-6K3.5G-H1965603.5 x 3.5 µm23.0 mm19 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/10/12 Bit
VT-6K3.5C-H10065603.5 x 3.5 µm23.0 mm100 kHzXXXCamera Link8/10/12 Bit
VT-6K3.5C-E100-6465603.5 x 3.5 µm23.0 mm100 kHzXXXCamera Link8/10/12 Bit
VT-4K5G-H2646405 x 5 µm23.2 mm26 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/10/12 Bit
VT-4K5C-H10046405 x 5 µm23.2 mm100 kHzXXXCamera Link8/10/12 Bit
VT-4K5C-E100-6446405 x 5 µm23.2 mm100 kHzXXXCamera Link8/10/12 Bit
VT-3K7G-H3832007 x 7 µm22.4 mm38 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/10/12 Bit
VT-3K7C-H10032007 x 7 µm22.4 mm100 kHzXXXCamera Link8/10/12 Bit
VT-3K7C-E100-3232007 x 7 µm22.4 mm100 kHzXXXCamera Link8/10/12 Bit
SK8160VKO-4LB81605 x 5 µm40.8 mm11.9 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK8160U3KO-LB81605 x 5 µm40.8 mm11.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK8160GKO-4LB81605 x 5 µm40.8 mm11.9 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK8160CKO-LB81605 x 5 µm40.8 mm11.9 kHzXXXCamera Link2*8/12 Bit
SK8100VJRC-4L2698.66666666667 x 38 x 8 µm21.6 mm2.9 kHzXGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK8100U3JRC2700 x 38 x 8 µm21.6 mm2.9 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK8100GJRC-4L2700 x 38 x 8 µm21.6 mm2.9 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK7500VTO-4XL74967 x 7 µm52.5 mm5.2 kHzXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK7500VTF-4XB74967 x 7 µm52.5 mm8.3 kHzXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK7500U3TO-XL75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm5.2 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK7500U3TF-XB75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm10.1 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK7500GTO-4XL75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm5.2 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK7500GTF-4XB75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm8.3 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK7500CTO-XL75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm5.2 kHzXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK7500CTF-XB75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm10.1 kHzXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK7456VTO-4L74564.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.2 kHzXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK7456U3TO74564.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.2 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK7456GTO-4L74564.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.2 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK7456CTO74564.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.2 kHzXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK6288VKOC-4L2096 x 314 x 14 µm29.3 mm9.3 kHzXGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK6288U3KOC2096 x 314 x 14 µm29.3 mm9.3 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK6288GKOC-4L2096 x 314 x 14 µm29.3 mm9.3 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK6288CKOC2096 x 314 x 14 µm29.3 mm9.3 kHzXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK5150VJR-4L51527 x 7 µm36.1 mm7.5 kHzXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK5150U3JR51487 x 7 µm36.0 mm7.6 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK5150GJR-4L51487 x 7 µm36.0 mm7.6 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK5150CJR51487 x 7 µm36.0 mm7.6 kHzXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK512U3HU51225 x 500 µm12.8 mm26.3 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK4096U3HW40967 x 200 µm28.7 mm2.4 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK22800VJRC-4XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm4.9 kHzGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK22800U3JRC-XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm6.2 kHzXUSB 3.03*8 Bit
SK22800GJRC-4XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm5.0 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK22800CJRC-XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm6.2 kHzXCamera Link3*8 Bit
SK22368U3TOC7456 x 34.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm6.4 kHzXUSB 3.03*8 Bit
SK22368CTOC7456 x 34.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm6.4 kHzXCamera Link3*8 Bit
SK2048VJR-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048VHA-420488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048U3SH204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3JR204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3HW204814 x 200 µm28.7 mm7.1 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3HU204812.5 x 500 µm25.6 mm7.1 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3HA20488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048GJR-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048GHA-420488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048CJR204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK2048CHA20488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK16200U3TOC5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm8.7 kHzXUSB 3.03*8 Bit
SK16080VJRC-4L5360 x 38 x 8 µm42.9 mm1.5 kHzXGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK16080U3JRC-L5360 x 38 x 8 µm42.9 mm1.5 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK16080GJRC-4L5360 x 38 x 8 µm42.9 mm1.5 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK12240VKOC-4LB4080 x 310 x 10 µm40.8 mm4.8 kHzXXGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK12240U3KOC-LB4080 x 310 x 10 µm40.8 mm4.8 kHzXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK12240GKOC-4LB4080 x 310 x 10 µm40.8 mm4.8 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK12240CKOC-LB4080 x 310 x 10 µm40.8 mm4.8 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK10944VJRC-4L3648 x 38 x 8 µm29.2 mm2.1 kHzXGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK10944U3JRC3648 x 38 x 8 µm29.2 mm2.1 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK10944GJRC-4L3648 x 38 x 8 µm29.2 mm2.1 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK1024VSD-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024U3SD102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024U3HV102425 x 500 µm25.6 mm13.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024U3HU102412.5 x 500 µm12.8 mm13.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024GSD-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK1024CSD102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit