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Line Scan Camera SK512CSD

Line scan camera with 53.5 kHz maximum line rate, large dynamic range, anti blooming and integration control.

Front view
Back view

Technical Data

Sensor type:CCD monochrome sensor
Pixel size:14 x 14 µm2
Active sensor length:7.2 mm
max. Pixel frequency:30 MHz
max. Line frequency:54 kHz
Anti blooming:x
Integration control:x
Shading correction:x
Spectral range:400 ... 1000 nm
Dynamic range:1:2500 (rms)
min. Exposure time:0.01 ms
max. Exposure time:20 ms
Video signal:monochrome 8/12 Bit digitial
Interface:Camera Link
Power supply :+5V, +15V
Dimension:Ø65 x 52.4 mm3
Case type:AC1
Mass:0.2 kg
Lens mount:C-Mount
Flange diameter:42 mm x 11.1 mm
Flange focal length:17.5 mm
Operating temperature:+5 ... +45°C


Dimensions of Zeilenkamera SK512CSD
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