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Focus Adapter FA26-S45 / FA26-S55

High-precision adapter with linear tracking rods for precise travel of the focussing encasement and for locking focus position. Optomechanical component as housing for line scan cameras of the family -XL.

Performance Features

  • Focussing range 30 mm, 1 turn of the focussing ring corresponds to 10 mm
  • Screws for focus locking
  • Type FA26-S45: Thread M45×0.75 for extension rings and adapters (adapter M45-39 for lens thread M39×1/26" or adapter with V-groove for a rotatable lens)
  • Type FA26-S55: Thread M55×0.75 for extension rings and adapters (adapter AC46-55 for lens thread M55×1/26")

Accessories for FA26-S45: Extension Rings and Lens Adapters

Lens Adapter M39-45

Lens Adapter M45×0.75 to M39×1/26" (Leica)

M39-45 Order Code

M39×1/26" – M45×0.75

The Adapter M39-45 adds 3.7 mm to the optical tube length

Extension Rings ZR-L… M45×0.75

Thread M45×0.75 on both sides (internal/external)

ZR-L 15 Order Code [Length 15 mm]
ZR-L 25 Order Code [Length 25 mm]
ZR-L 60 Order Code [Length 60 mm]
ZR-L 87 Order Code [Length 87 mm]

Lens Adapter AM43

Lens Adapter M45×0.75 to AM43

The AM43-M45 accepts the lens adapter with V-groove AC43

AM43-M45 Order Code (length L=35 mm)
AM43-M45-S Order Code (length L=20 mm)

Lens Adapter M39xG26

Lens Adapter V-Groove AC43 to M39×1/26" (Leica)

M39×G26-AC43 Order Code (length L=8.2 mm)
M39×26G-AC43-S Order Code (length L=1.5 mm)

Accessories for FA26-S55: Extension Rings and Lens Adapters

Lens Adapter AC46

Lens Adapter M55×0.75 to AM46

AC46-55 Order Code

The Adapter AC46-55 adds 17.5 mm to the optical tube length. It accepts the AC46 V-groove of the Inspec.x macro lenses.

Extension Ring ZR55

Extension Rings ZR55-… M55×0.75

ZR55-15 Order Code [Length 15 mm]
ZR55-25 Order Code [Length 25 mm]
ZR55-60 Order Code [Length 60 mm]

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