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Laser Diode Collimators with Integrated Electronics

Collimated Laser Diodes with various Beam Diameters

Collimated laser beams with beam diameters between 0.1 mm and 2 mm
Range of working areas and wavelengths available

Laser diode collimator transfer the divergent light of a laser diode in a collimated beam. The gaussian intensity distribution and the elliptical intensity profile is maintained. With the two emission angles θ and θ|| of the laser diode and the focal length of the collimation optics, the orthogonal and parallel divergence angles and beam diameters can be determined. These values depend on the laser diode used for the collimation.

Laser Diode Collimator
Beam diameter [mm]
Divergence [mrad]
Beam Profile
Casing Ø [mm]

Laser Diode Collimator flatbeam®

The laser beam collimator flatbeamTM 90CM-… projects a collimated laser beam with high edge intensity and small beam divergence. With an optional aperture, the beam can be confined to a band of approximately constant power density. Applications include shadow edge measurements and laser diffraction.

Laser diode collimator
Beam profile [mm] 90% range
Divergence [mrad]
Beam Profile
Beam profile with aperture
casing-Ø [mm]

Laser Module 40-0-… / 40TE-…

The laser line generator 40TE-… is predestined for high speed 3D profile measurements or for measuring objects with a weak diffuse reflection

  • Temperature stabilized
  • Optical Power up to 500 mW
  • Wavelength 640 nm
  • Fan angles between 12° and 40°
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