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Laser Diode Collimators Types 48TE, 48-0, and 44TE

Universal modular system for self-assembly

The Laser diode collimators of type 48 and 44 are modular systems designed for various laser diode casing types. They can be supplied with or without integrated thermoelectric cooling (depending on the laser diode choice). It is compatible with the multicube system and can be extended according to need.

These systems are provided for self-assembly but can be supplied pre-assembled and pre-adjusted according to customer requirements.

Main features include:

  • Designed for self-assembly: easy and accessible adjustment of laser diode and collimating optics
  • Can be used with consumer specific electronics
  • For laser diode types: Ø 9mm (3.8 mm and 5.6 mm casing with adapter), TOW2, TO3, TO5 and TO46
  • Wide range of collimating optics
  • Compatible with a wide range of beam shaping optics
  • With and without integrated TE-cooling
  • Various extension possibilities including Faraday isolator or anamorphic beam shaping optics, fiber-coupling or attachable beam-shaping optics
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