Iris Diaphragms 5BL

for collimators with Ø 12 mm

Iris Diaphragms can be attached to fiber collimators with outer Ø 12 mm in order to narrow down the collimated beam.


Iris diaphragm with an variable aperture for fiber collimators series 60FC with an outer diameter Ø 12 mm.
  • System mount Ø 8 mm
  • min. aperure Ø 0.8 mm
  • max. aperture Ø 5 mm
Please note: In case of use with a single mode / PM-fiber, the Gaussian beam from the fiber collimator is truncated by the iris diaphragm or by the pinhole

Order Options

Order CodeSeriesFor DiameterØ min. - Ø max.Mounting
5BL0.8-560FC12 mm0.8 - 5 mmSystem mount Ø 8 mm