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Fiber Couplers 60FC-…-XV with flush hole

Allows purging of the fiber coupler with a gas such as Nitrogen

The special UV fused silica lenses with UV coating allow the use of the collimator for 288 nm or 313 nm for example. (Reference: Marciniak et al., arXiv:1704.05879)

  • Compatible with single-mode or polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers
  • FC-APC, FC-PC with inclined or coaxial coupling axis
  • Plano convex optics only diffraction-limited for fibers with fiber NA < 0.04
  • Focussing of the optics using eccentric key
  • Additional grub screw to lock the fiber ferrule
  • Special Adapter for flushing 12C-AM25-Mx with M3, M4 or M5 flush nozzle
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