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Fiber Collimators

Fiber collimators made by Schäfter+Kirchhoff are designed for singlemode fibers with FC connectors (optionally type ST, DIN AVIO and F-SMA). Fibers with 8°-polish (FC-APC, for avoidance of back-reflection into the optical path) are combined using fiber collimators 60FC-4-… and 60FC-T-4-… with an inclined coupling axis. This provides a centered and concentrically symmetric laser beam as effectively as a 0°-polished fiber attached to a fiber collimator with a coaxial coupling axis.

The fiber collimators have an axial limit stop for the fiber ferrule, which is locked using a grub screw  to ensure a constant focal position and highly reproducible assembly. The eccentric key  is used to focus the fiber collimator and the desired position is locked using two radially arranged clamping screws.

Fundamentals: Fiber Collimators

Fiber collimators 60FC-...

  • Collimating optics with focal lengths ƒ' = 2.7–20 mm for 0.5–3.6 mm beam diameters
  • Inclined coupling axis for connectors of the type FC-APC
  • Front connection for the attachment of optical adapters

Accessories for 60FC-...

Micro-Focus Optics 5M

Polarization Filters 5PF

Retardation Optics 5WP


Fiber collimators 60FC-L-..., 60FC-T-...

  • Collimating optics with focal lengths f' = 20–20 mm for 3.6–36 mm beam diameters
  • Inclined coupling axis for connectors of the type FC-APC
  • With and without Tilt adjustment for aligning the optical axis with the mechanical axis
  • Front connection for the attachment of optical adapters

Accessories for 60FC-L-..., 60FC-T-...

  • Micro focus optics 13M-… and 25M-…
  • Polarisation filters 13PF-…

Iris diaphragms 5BL-…,13 BL-… , 25 BL-… , 40 BL-…

  • For adjusting the collimated beam diameter

Clamp Collars CC-…

  • For adjusting the collimated beam diameter

Fiber collimators 60FC-Q... with integrated quarter-wave plate

  • For the direct implementation of circularly polarized radiation
  • Fully alignable after assembly by use of cogged adjustment tool

Fiber collimators with elliptical beams 60FC-E...

  • Gaussian profile
  • Elliptical axis ratios, e.g. 15:5 mm
  • Integrated quarter-wave plates as option

RGBV Fiber Collimators 60FC-…: Apochromatically corrected fiber collimators

  • Chromatically corrected for the entire wavelength range 400–660 nm
  • Available with two focal lengths: 11 and 42 mm

Fiber couplers 60FC-K-... for kineMATIX optomechanics

  • Flexible interchanging of fiber cables (singlemode, polarization-maintaining and multimode fibers)
  • FC-APC or FC-PC fiber connector, DIN-AVIO and F-SMA (0°-, 5°- and 8°-polish) fiber connectors
  • Focussing of the optics
  • Use with fibers with end caps for a reduced power density at the fiber end face

Fiber couplers 60FC-SMA-... for SMA-905 High Power Connectors

  • Specially designed for SMA-905 High Power connectors with 0°-, 5°- and 8°-polish
  • Compatible with photonic crystal fibers
  • Integrated tilt and focussing adjustment

Fiber Couplers 60FC-F-... with fine-focussing mechanism

  • Focussing via fine-focussing mechanism adjustable with knurled ring
  • High pointing stability
  • Focal lengths 4.5 to 12 mm

Fiber collimators with dichroic beam combiner

  • Laser beams of different wavelengths are combined and collimated
  • Especially designed for wavelengths that cannot be transmitted by one singlemode fiber

Fiber collimators with integrated power monitor 60FC-PD-...

  • For online control of laser power and power fluctuations

Retroreflectors 60FC-RR-...

  • With integrated quarter-wave plate
  • For reflection of polarized light without changes in state of polarization

Fiber collimators with system mount Ø 19.5 mm

  • For integration in the "multicube" system

Anamorphic beam-shaping Optics 5AN

  • Transformation of laser beams from elliptical into circular
  • Clear aperture 5 mm
  • Integrated astigmatism correction
  • Wavelength range 390–2100 nm
  • High fiber-coupling efficiency > 80%

Expansion Optics 48EO-…

The best coupling efficiency for beam diameters <0.4 mm is achieved when the laser beam is expanded in advance.

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